Hello from Cornwall

Well this is my first post on my new blog, which is mainly for my writing which I wanted to keep separate from my Cornish Dragon Blog. So first up if you don't know me from my other blogs and social media pull up that chair oh and grab a cuppa, mines a coffee milk no sugar, and lets begin.

I'm a Dorset girl who's now living in Cornwall with my family which consists of Hubby, my children aka Girlie & Lad. We also have a few pets Saphie our golden Labrador who's very dippy, lots of chickens, Stormageddon an Axolotl (Girlie's pet) and tanks full of tropical fish (the lads hobby, he has multiple tank syndrome).  I'm an Artist and have made everything from jewellery, paper crafts to Lampwork Glass Beads, currently I make Cornish Pixie Elves and Art Dolls.

Now to why the blog well I'm a bookworm I love to read with my favourite genres being Fantasy, Sci- Fi, Paranormal and much more. I have lots of favourite authors but I'll leave that for a later blog post. My head has always been crowded with stories, some I've read, others I wanted to write, and it's another creative outlet for me plus it means I get to feed my stationery addiction, I do love a new note pad, pens,pencils and pretty pencil cases. Also a few years ago I found out I had cancer, it was a worrying time. I decided life is far to short and to grab chances so I started writing my first book.

So that's it about me an what this blog is about, the next post might will be a bit about the first book of The Sidhe Saga but for now I need to get back to my notebook an outer space book is calling to be written.


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