Book 2 The Raven King

It has been a rather busy time from me since I last posted on here, mainly with family life and my other work. But I have been busy writing but my next post will let you know all about the writing and whats coming up.

The Raven King by Victoria E Tierney
The Raven King - Book 2 of The Sidhe

The Raven King was published in the middle of February on Kindle with the paperback edition published the next day. And as with the first book The Henge is available on all Amazon websites as a kindle edition and where available as a paperback.

I also ordered paperback copies for my bookshelf and they do look nice together. It's also a nice feeling holding the books in my hand.

The Henge Victoria E Tierney
My copy of the Henge in paperback.

The Raven King & The Henge Victoria E Tierney
My paperback copy of The Raven King
I did have a giveaway for a signed copy of The Henge over on Facebook, its closed now but I will be having other giveaways more than likely when the last book is out.


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