Coming Soon.

As I mentioned in my previous post I'm still busy writing. I have a lot of ideas noted down and its a good job I love my notebook as they have come in handy. The pile I have is slowly being used and I do keep picking up the odd one or two if they are pretty and on offer. So here is what's coming up soon.

Book 3 of The Sidhe - Will be out later this year, or sooner depending on the editing and I can reveal the title which is The Dark Queen. This is the last book of the series though I do have an idea for a spin off series.

Majesta Vampires - I'm currently halfway through writing the first book, these don't seem the usual type of Vampires but all will become clear. There will also be other supernaturals in the book including Werewolves. 
Other Works in Progress - I have a few other works in progress that include Magic, Witches, Space etc. And I have a lot of stories and scenes popping up in my head which may get crafted into an interesting tale or two. 

Book 2 The Raven King

It has been a rather busy time from me since I last posted on here, mainly with family life and my other work. But I have been busy writing but my next post will let you know all about the writing and whats coming up.

The Raven King was published in the middle of February on Kindle with the paperback edition published the next day. And as with the first book The Henge is available on all Amazon websites as a kindle edition and where available as a paperback.

I also ordered paperback copies for my bookshelf and they do look nice together. It's also a nice feeling holding the books in my hand.

I did have a giveaway for a signed copy of The Henge over on Facebook, its closed now but I will be having other giveaways more than likely when the last book is out.

Editing and busy writing.

Its a busy time of year for me with my day job but I have found time to do some editing and I'm about halfway through the first edit of the Raven King. Apart from a few days with shows and family life, I should be able to spend more time at the laptop. My goal is to have The Raven King available by christmas or early new year and then book three.  After that I will be trying to finish the Vampire novel and Space novel though they are on hold as I'm busy editing.

When I've finished the second edit of the Raven King I'll reveal the book cover over on my facebook page and maybe a sneaky peek from one of the chapters.

The Henge

I'm a bit late with this post as I have been very busy finishing off a first draft of book three. Yes book three of The Sidhe is finished and the story has come to its end. It is bitter sweet as I've had these characters in my head for a long time. But back to the Henge book one well I have news last moth it was published on Amazon for the Kindle.

And as of today it is available on Amazon as a paperback as well, it might take a few days to be available in other countries. The next few weeks I'm going to be busy back at the day job making some art dolls etc but I have set aside one day a week for editing as well as an hour a day writing.
Hopefully the next book will be out by the end of this year or early next with book three out at the end of next year.

The First Book

I've stalled a bit with my writing as I'm busy making Art Dolls and painting Cornish Pixie Elves. I do really need to finish editing the first book in the Sidhe Saga, then I can start editing book two and hopefully finish book three (I've written a few more chapters of the first draft).

So on my last blog post I said would tell you a little bit about the Sidhe Saga. The saga is a paranormal romance set in an alternative Britain where magic and Faeries exist, though the Human and Fae worlds are separated by the veil. The Henge is the first book and you will meet Darcy Reed, who works for The Bureau as an operative. She apprehends Fae that are not supposed to be on this side of the veil and sends them to the cells in the Henge until the Fae Council can deal with them and take them back to Fae. She's just apprehended a Fae when she's asked to go to Bureau HQ as soon as possible, while there she is partnered up with Bran Walter as the Bureau have been asked by the Fae …

Hello from Cornwall

Well this is my first post on my new blog, which is mainly for my writing which I wanted to keep separate from my Cornish Dragon Blog. So first up if you don't know me from my other blogs and social media pull up that chair oh and grab a cuppa, mines a coffee milk no sugar, and lets begin.

I'm a Dorset girl who's now living in Cornwall with my family which consists of Hubby, my children aka Girlie & Lad. We also have a few pets Saphie our golden Labrador who's very dippy, lots of chickens, Stormageddon an Axolotl (Girlie's pet) and tanks full of tropical fish (the lads hobby, he has multiple tank syndrome).  I'm an Artist and have made everything from jewellery, paper crafts to Lampwork Glass Beads, currently I make Cornish Pixie Elves and Art Dolls.

Now to why the blog well I'm a bookworm I love to read with my favourite genres being Fantasy, Sci- Fi, Paranormal and much more. I have lots of favourite authors but I'll leave that for a later blog po…