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The First Book

I've stalled a bit with my writing as I'm busy making Art Dolls and painting Cornish Pixie Elves. I do really need to finish editing the first book in the Sidhe Saga, then I can start editing book two and hopefully finish book three (I've written a few more chapters of the first draft).

So on my last blog post I said would tell you a little bit about the Sidhe Saga. The saga is a paranormal romance set in an alternative Britain where magic and Faeries exist, though the Human and Fae worlds are separated by the veil. The Henge is the first book and you will meet Darcy Reed, who works for The Bureau as an operative. She apprehends Fae that are not supposed to be on this side of the veil and sends them to the cells in the Henge until the Fae Council can deal with them and take them back to Fae. She's just apprehended a Fae when she's asked to go to Bureau HQ as soon as possible, while there she is partnered up with Bran Walter as the Bureau have been asked by the Fae …