Coming Soon.

As I mentioned in my previous post I'm still busy writing. I have a lot of ideas noted down and its a good job I love my notebook as they have come in handy. The pile I have is slowly being used and I do keep picking up the odd one or two if they are pretty and on offer. So here is what's coming up soon.

Book 3 of The Sidhe - Will be out later this year, or sooner depending on the editing and I can reveal the title which is The Dark Queen. This is the last book of the series though I do have an idea for a spin off series.

Majesta Vampires - I'm currently halfway through writing the first book, these don't seem the usual type of Vampires but all will become clear. There will also be other supernaturals in the book including Werewolves. 

Other Works in Progress - I have a few other works in progress that include Magic, Witches, Space etc. And I have a lot of stories and scenes popping up in my head which may get crafted into an interesting tale or two. 


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